View A Reservation


If the reservation was successful, you should see your new reservation listed under My Upcoming Reservations on the Dashboard. If you have a lot of reservations, you may need to click View All at the bottom of the My Upcoming Reservations widget to see your appointment.


You can also locate a reservation directly from the Schedule.

Select View next to a reservation to see the Reservation screen showing the details.



The Reservation screen allows you to quickly perform a number of activities:

  • Check out/check in - dispatch and record a flight, only if the reservation has already been assigned to a tail either automatically or manually
  • Assign a Tail - for reservations assigned to a scheduling group with manual tail assignments, you must assign a tail before you can check out
  • Edit make changes to the reservation
  • Add Invoice - enter new sales associated with this reservation
  • Log Session - log a training session associated with this reservation
  • Delete - cancel a reservation
  • Add to Calendar - add a calendar entry in ical, Google or Outlook format
  • Training - view information related to training associated with this reservation and perform additional actions
      • View scheduled training sessions - the Training section of the Reservations screen shows any scheduled training sessions associated with this reservation
      • View course/lesson details (i.e., for preflight study) - the reservation includes a course and lesson(s), click the link(s) to view the associated course overview and lesson information


    • Log - Select Log next to a scheduled training session to log a training session associated with this reservation 
    • View - Select View next to a logged training session to open the Training Sessions window or edit the session details by selecting Edit at the bottom of the Training Sessions window
    • Mismatch - Identify mismatch between logged training times and flight log.
  • Transactions - view information related to billing associated with this reservation and perform additional actions
      • View Invoice
      • Receive Payment
      • Edit Sale
      • Return/Refund
      • View Returns
      • Void/Delete
  • Flight - view flight information
  • Comments - view and edit comments
  • Internal Comments - view and edit internal comments
  • Reservation History - show details about any action taken on this reservation
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