Course Versioning


You can copy a course as a new version, ensuring that students who are added to a training program that includes the course are enrolled in the latest version of the course.

Step by Step

To make a new version of a course, complete these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Training Hub settings page, then click on the course you want to create a new version of. The main course page is displayed.
    2. Click Actions and select Copy Course. The Copy Course view is displayed.
    3. Select Yes for Save As New Version of Copied Course. Complete all other fields as needed, then click Copy This Course. The main setup page of the newly copied course is displayed.
      • Notes:
        • Only select Yes if you plan to replace the old course with the new one.
        • If a student is added to a training program that includes the original course, but the student has not yet been officially enrolled in that course, then only the newest version of the course will be available when the student is ready to enroll.

Permission Needed

  • You must have the permission Manage Student Curriculum in order to set up Training Hub.

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