Adding an Invoice to a Reservation



  • Prior to being able to invoice for a reservation, Products & Services need to be configured, this is where pricing is determined.
  • Reservation must be checked in


To add an invoice to a reservation:

  1. Open the reservation.
  2. Select Add Invoice.

The New Sale screen is prefilled with the details associated with the reservation. 


Price Groups

If the reservation is for a person in a price group or has a user role associated to a price group, the aircraft rate and discount percentage for instruction will be honored. If the pricing rate needs to be changed, it can be manually switched by clicking the edit button. The Rate Type or Discount (Percent or Amount) can be used to modify pricing.


Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 3.51.25 PM.png


People Groups

If the reservation is for a person in a group, with a group owner, the customer name pre-fills as the Group Owner, if the activity type for the reservation matches a selected activity type in the group settings. If the group owner should not be billed for this invoice, the customer can be changed.

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