Graduate a student


When a student has completed the course requirements, the chief instructor (or anyone with permission) can change the student's status to graduated.

  1. View the student's course enrollment window.
  2. Select the Actions button.
  3. Select Edit Enrollment to open the Edit Enrollment window.
  4. Select Graduated as the Enrollment Status.
  5. If you select Graduation Approved, enter the Date of graduationAdd a Note (if desired) and enter your PIN.
  6. If you select Graduation Not ApprovedAdd a Note (if desired) and select Save.
  7. Check one or more boxes to send emails to the instructor(s) or user(s) to notify them of the graduation status and select Save. It is not necessary to add the student.

Once the student has graduated, the student receives an email notification and the graduation documents are available on the Course Overview Documents tab. The graduation documents include the Training Record and the Graduation Certificate.

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