Working with Training Mismatches


You can validate whether training logged matches the associated logged flight time to ensure that training records are accurate.

There are two aspects to setting up the ability to track training mismatches.

  1. Defining the Activity Type - the activity type determines whether training status is tracked for that type of activity, and if so, whether it should be matched against logged flight time.
  2. Defining the Instruction Type - the instruction type determines whether a logged activity counts as flight instruction time or ground instruction time.

Once you have set up the activity type and the instruction types that you will track, as sessions are logged, Flight Schedule Pro will identify whether training session time matches logged flight time.

If a training session is logged that does not match the flight time logged, the Training Mismatch screen displays. You should either edit the session or enter a reason describing why the mismatch is being entered. The reason will display in the Reservation History.

About Training Value Mismatch Checking

The following table shows how mismatches are calculated.

Match Value Flight Log Value Training Session Value
Total Flight Time Hobbs value entered on Check In Sum of values that add up to Total Flight Time on training session (Total Flight Time)
Total Flight Instruction Sum of values entered at Check In for all Instruction Types, where the Training Type is set to Flight Instruction Sum of values that add up to Total Flight Instruction (Total Dual)
Total Ground Instruction Sum of values entered at check in for all Instruction Types, where the Training Type is set to Ground Instruction Sum of values that add up to Total Ground Instruction (Total Ground)

Searching for Training Mismatches

You can identify reservations with a training mismatch from the Reservations screen.

To find reservations with a training mismatch:

  1. Select Reservations from the left navigation area.
  2. Select FuturePresent, Past or enter a Date Range to identify which records you want to find.
  3. Select All Statuses and check the Logged (Mismatch) box.
  4. On any reservations you find, you can view the Training Session and edit the Logged Session if needed.
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