Log student training sessions


The student must have a status of Enrolled before you can log training sessions.

You can access the Log Session window from the Training Sessions tab of the student's Course Overview page. You can also access the Log Session window from the Reservations page either by selecting Log Session from the Reservation or by selecting Log next to a scheduled training session shown under Training on the Reservation.


To make changes to an existing logged training session, select the Edit button at the bottom of the Training Session window to open the Log Session window. Note that if the Edit button is not available, either the activity type doesn't track training mismatches or if you do not have permission to edit the session.
To log or edit a student training session:


    1. On the Log Session window, select the Course from the drop down list. It may be pre-selected, depending on how you opened the Log Session window.
    2. Enter the session Start Date and Time.
    3. In the Instructor(s) field, select the primary instructor for this session. You can start typing the instructor's name and then select the name from the matching entries.
    4. In the Aircraft field, select the Aircraft.
    5. Select the Lesson from the drop down list. Once the lesson has loaded, the Grade Sheet, the Log Time for this Lesson, and the Review & Sign sections open for the selected lesson.
  1. If the lesson included any additional tasks, you can capture them as well. Select the Add New button at the bottom of the list of tasks for this lesson. In the Add Task window, select the Lesson and Task and select Add to Lesson

  2. In the Grade Sheet section:
    • Select a grade for any completed tasks in this session.
    • Select an option from the Grade this Session drop down list.
    • Select an option from the Lesson Grade & Status drop down list. 
  3. In the Log Time for this Lesson section:
    • Select a From Airport from the drop down list.
    • Select a Via Airport if applicable.
    • Select a To Airport from the drop down list.
    • Enter or edit time logged in the various tasks.
  4. In the Review & Sign section:
    • Enter any Instructor Remarks.
    • The student enters his/her PIN. Or you can check the Request PIN from Student box.
    • The instructor enters his/her PIN.

      Note that the session can only be saved as a draft if the student and/or instructor have not entered a PIN.

  5. Select Save or Save as Draft.
  6. To delete the session, select Delete.
If the Training Session time does not match the aircraft and/or instruction time recorded for the actual flight, you will see the Training Mismatch screen, indicating that you should either edit the session or enter a reason describing why the mismatch is being entered.
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