Give a Student Credit for Previous Training


You can give a student credit for previous training hours completed at another school.

Step by Step

To provide a student credit for previous training, complete these steps:

  1. Navigate to the student’s Course Overview page for the desired course. Click the Actions dropdown button and select Edit Previous Training. The Edit Previous Training view is displayed.
  2. Turn the Previous Training option ON. Additional fields are displayed, including a list of course minimums.
  3. Enter the name and number of the previous school. Enter the number of course minimum hours the student should receive credit for while training at that other school. Enter 0 if no credit should be provided for a course minimum.
  4. If the student should receive full credit for specific lessons, then click the Course Progress tab. A list of stages, phases, and lessons for the course is displayed.
  5. Check the box next to any lesson for which the student should receive credit from their previous training. Click Save. If you entered hours for any course minimums, then those hours are displayed on the Overview tab of the student‘s Course Overview page (see View Student Course Overview and Training Time for more information about training time). If you selected any lessons, then those lessons are marked as PT (to indicate previous training) on the Lessons tab of the student‘s Course Overview page (see View Student Lesson Progress for more information about lesson progress).

Permission Needed

You must have the permission Add Previous Training to Student Enrollments in order to edit a student‘s previous training credit.

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