Edit, transfer, terminate or delete student enrollment in a course


Once a student is enrolled, some users can change the enrollment information, such as the instructors expected graduation date. If no training sessions have been logged, this option also allows you to delete the enrollment. This option also allows you to transfer or terminate a student.

To edit enrollment:

  1. View the student's course enrollment window.
  2. Select the Actions button.
  3. Select Edit Enrollment to open the Edit Enrollment window.
  4. Edit the Instructor(s).
  5. Select a new Enrollment Status from the drop down list.
  6. Enter the Date of Transfer or Date of Termination, depending on the status.
  7. To digitally sign a transfer or termination, enter your PIN.
  8. Select Save. Or to cancel the student's enrollment in the course, select Delete and select OK in the confirmation window.

Note that a Training Record is generated for students who transfer or are terminated. The record is available on the Course Overview Documents tab.


The Edit Enrollment window also allows an instructor to recommend a student for graduation and a chief instructor to graduate a student.

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