Accept Course Documents


Depending on the Enrollment Settings for the selected course, students may need to accept their course documents in order to change the course status from Pending Enrollment to Enrolled.

Note that if you have not yet set your PIN, you will be prompted to enter a PIN before you can accept your course documents.

  1. Select My Training from the left navigation area.
  2. Select View next to the course.
  3. The Accept the Course Documents window opens automatically the first time you view a new course.
  4. The Accept the Course Documents window includes links to the Enrollment Certificate, Syllabus, and Safety Practices and Procedures, as applicable. Select View next to an option to view it. With the document open, select Download at the bottom to download it.
  5. Enter your PIN to digitally sign that you have received the documents.
  6. Select Acknowledge Receipt.
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