Enroll a student in a course


Prerequisite: The course setup must be complete, including changing the course status to Ready. Refer to the Training Hub Setup guide for more information.

There are two methods for enrolling a student in a course. You can either:

  • Go to the Students window and select Enroll a Student to open the New Enrollment window.
  • Find the student's profile first.

To find the student's profile first:

  1. Select People from the left navigation area.
  2. Locate the student's name on the People window.
  3. Select View next to the student's name to open the person's profile information.
  4. Select Course Enrollments.
  5. Select Enroll to open the New Enrollment window.

To complete the student enrollment:

  1. On the New Enrollment window, select the Student or group to enroll in the course by clicking on the Student field. Select People or Groups, begin typing the student or group's name, and select the name from the matching entries. This field will be pre-populated if you selected Enroll from the student's Course Enrollment's view of their profile window. You can remove a student by clicking the X next to the student's name.
  2. Select the Course from the drop down list. This list includes courses that you have added and are marked as Ready.
  3. In the Primary Instructor field, select the instructor who will have primary responsibility for this student's instruction.
  4. In the Other Instructor(s) field, select any other instructors who will be teaching the selected student. You can start typing the instructor's name and then select the name from the matching entries. If there are additional instructors for this student and course, select the additional instructors. You can remove an instructor by clicking the X next to the instructor's name.
  5. Click on the Date of Enrollment field to select the enrollment date from the calendar.
  6. Click on the Expected Graduation Date field to select the graduation date from the calendar.
  7. Select Save.
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