Working With Custom Reports

Custom Reports are created using items from the Visual Library. These features require the Advanced Reporting Add-on.

Creating a New Report

You can share visuals with users outside of Flight Schedule Pro by creating reports.

To create a new report:

  1. From the Reporting page, select Create/Build Report.

The Design tab opens for you to build your report.


      1. You can add the following elements to your report by dragging them to the canvas on the right:
        • New Split Row- allows you to add two or more columns so that text and images can appear side-by-side
        • Add Space- allows you to space items or create a border
        • New Visual- allows you to open the Visual Gallery to select one or more visuals (visualizations you have previously saved, or the default visualizations that have been provided by Flight Schedule Pro)
        • New Text- allows you to include text in the report
        • New Image- allows you to include an image (from a URL or uploaded image)
        • New Link- allows you to include a hyperlink to a URL
        • New PDF Link-allows you to include a link to download a PDF of this report on the report
      2. You can view the results of your design by selecting the View tab.
      3. To rearrange the elements on the report, drag a block to a new location on the report.
      4. To save the report, select Rename and Save.
        • Give the report a Name.
        • Select Save.

Sharing Reports

You can share your Reports from the Reporting page.

To share an item:

  1. Select the Options button to the right of the name of the item you want to share.
  2. Select Share.
  3. Begin typing the name of the person to display your Flight Schedule Pro users.
  4. Select the row for the person with whom you want to share the report.
  5. Select Close.

You can stop sharing an item by selecting the trash can icon next to the name of that person under Shared With.


Scheduling Reports

You can share your reports with people outside of Flight Schedule Pro and have them delivered via email according to your selected schedule.

To schedule a report:

  1. Select the Options button to the right of the report you want to share.
  2. Select Schedule.
  3. In the Schedule Report window:
    1. Enter the email address that should be shown as the sender in the From field.
    2. Enter the email address(es) for the people who should receive the report in the To field. You can select Add Cc and Add Bcc to copy and blind copy other recipients.
    3. Enter a Subject for the emails that will be generated to send the report(s).
    4. Select whether to show the report as Portrait or Landscape.
    5. Enter a Message to include with the report, if applicable.
    6. Indicate how frequently to send the report by selecting an option from the Schedule drop down list.
    7. If you selected a schedule other than Once, enter the number of minutes, hours, days, weeks or months in between the scheduled reports.
    8. Enter the Start Time and the Start Date.
    9. If you want an end date to stop sending the scheduled report, check the End Date box and select the last date to send the report.

Managing Scheduled Reports

You can access reports that have been scheduled to check the status, make changes to the schedule or delete the schedule.

To open the list of scheduled reports, select Settings < Manage Scheduled Reports.


The Manage Scheduled Reports list includes all of the reports scheduled in your company, along with the next run date and time.



To make changes to the schedule:

  1. Select the clock icon.
  2. Make any necessary changes in the Schedule Report window, which is the same as when the report was originally scheduled.
  3. To run and send the report now, select Run Now.
  4. To remove the schedule, select Remove.
  5. Select Done.


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