MX Locations


This article will explain all about MX Locations and how to use them within Maintenance Hub.

MX Locations allow you create multiple locations with Maintenance Hub where services can be provided. You can set a MX Location on your work order, which allows you organize your work by location. In addition, you can include MX Location information into your logbook formats. 

Viewing MX Locations

You can view the list of active and inactive MX Locations by going to Settings > Maintenance Hub > MX Locations.


Adding a MX Location

A default MX Location will be added when Maintenance Hub is first enabled. You can add more by clicking 'Add MX Location'.


Edit a MX Location

You can edit any existing MX Location to include updated information.


Billing Information

If you intend to bill your work orders, configure your default billing information here. You can add a consumable per location and set it's billable aspects as well. The fee types are as follows:

  • Amount - a fixed amount to add to each work order

  • Percent of Labor - calculate the consumable amount based strictly on labor

  • Percent of Parts- calculate the consumable amount based strictly on parts

  • Percent of Revenue - calculate the consumable amount based on labor and parts combined

Setting the Default MX Location

The default MX Location will be used by the system for any new work orders. You can change the default by clicking Edit > Make Default.


Selecting the MX Location

You can select any active MX Location at the time or work order creation, or by editing the work order at any point afterwards.



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