Logbook Formats


This article will explain all about Logbook Formats and how to use them within Maintenance Hub.

Logbook Formats allow you to create individual logbook formats for each aircraft, for each maintenance event, for ad hoc versus scheduled maintenance, or for any other reason you’d like. For example, if you want your 100hr logbook entries to include different information than your discrepancies, it’s as easy as selecting the format you want to use. Or, create a format for your internal aircraft that doesn’t include your branding, and a different format for your external aircraft that you maintain.

Viewing Logbook Formats

You can view the list of active and inactive Logbook Formats by going to Settings > Maintenance Hub > Logbook Formats.

Maintenance Hub includes a format for your airframes, engines 1-4, and props 1-4 by default.


Adding a Logbook Format

You can add new Logbook Formats by clicking 'Add Format'. You must associate any formats to an existing Logbook Type.


Edit a Logbook Format

You can edit any existing Logbook Format to customize to your liking. In this example, the logbook header and footer have been customized for use on external aircraft.


Selecting a Logbook Format

You can select a Logbook Format when generating logbook entries, or when creating one from scratch.



Either way, your logbooks will apply the specified format.


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