Logbook Types


This article will explain all about logbook types and how to use them within Maintenance Hub.

Logbook types allow you to configure information that will show up in your logbooks. Flight Schedule Pro currently supports the following logbook types by default. You can inactivate any that are not relevant to for aircraft you maintain.

Engine 1 Propeller 1
Engine 2 Propeller 2
Engine 3 Propeller 3
Engine 4 Propeller 4


Viewing Logbook Types

You can view the list of built-in types by going to Settings > Maintenance Hub > Logbook Types


Editing Logbook Types

You can edit which Logbook Types are active or inactive.


Changing the Sort Order

You can also drag and drop logbook types to rearrange the sort order, which will change how they display in the drop down list in work logs and when adding an ad hoc logbook entry.

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