External Aircraft in MX Hub


This article will explain how to configure external aircraft for use within Maintenance Hub.


Maintenance Hub is currently optimized for use in maintaining your own fleet of aircraft. However, you might have several external aircraft that you maintain, and thus want to be able to document work and logbook entries. With Maintenance Hub, you can add these aircraft as "Maintenance Only". This will enable them for Maintenance Hub, but not clutter other places within Flight Schedule Pro such as your schedule.


When “Maintenance Hub Only Aircraft” is set to YES on an aircraft, the aircraft...

  1. Will not be viewable on the schedule
  2. Will not be available when creating a reservation
  3. Will not be available for logging a training session

“Maintenance Hub Only Aircraft” will still be...

  1. Listed as a resource in the Aircraft views (Aircraft List, MX Reminders, Squawks)
  2. Available to work orders, items, logs, and logbooks
  3. Reportable in all aircraft reports

Configure an Aircraft as Maintenance Only

Perform the following steps to configure your aircraft.

Add Aircraft

When adding a new aircraft, you will be able to set the "Maintenance Hub Only Aircraft" to YES.


Edit Aircraft

The same toggle is enabled when editing an aircraft.



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