Parts Removed


This article will explain all about Parts Removed and how to manage them within Maintenance Hub.

Maintenance Hub allows mechanics to document parts removed for their Work Order or Work Item. This allows you to indicate the parts that have been taken off an aircraft, which will then update the aircraft's parts manifest, and allow you to add them back into inventory control if desired.


Remove Part

To document a part removed, on a given Work Item or on a Work Order, simply click 'Remove Part' which will launch the 'Remove Parts' screen.


Search for the part you wish to document as being removed by your Work Item and then indicate the quantity removed and click the '+' button. You can add many parts at once.


Click 'Done' once you have documented all the parts removed.


Edit Removed Parts

If you need to change any of the documented removed parts for any given Work Item or Work Order, you can edit an existing part removed. 

NOTE:for serialized parts, you cannot edit the quantity. If you need to document the removal of a second serialized part, you will need to add a second part removed of the same part number.


Delete Parts Removed

If a documented part removed is no longer correct, you can also delete the removed part information. 

NOTE:If you have added a removed part back into inventory, this will not delete the associated stock record.


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