Stock Record Statuses


This article will explain all about Stock Record Statuses and how to use them within Inventory Hub.

Stock Records Status allow you to quickly create and classify your stock records by something other than the condition. This could include things like 'Waiting for Overhaul', 'Vendor Owed Core', 'In Transit', etc. Basically things that reflect the availability of the stock record that is independent of the part's airworthiness.

Viewing Stock Record Statuses

You can view the list of active and inactive stock record statuses by going to Settings > Inventory Hub > Stock Record Statuses. You can rearrange the order of statuses, and you can set a default which will be used when creating new stock records.


Adding a Stock Record Status

You can add new statuses by clicking 'Add Status'. You must enter a Name in order to save.


Edit a Stock Record Status

You can edit any existing status to change the name to your liking.


Selecting a Stock Record Status

You can select a status when editing a stock record, or when creating one from scratch.


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