Using Automatic Fuel Charges



By setting up a fuel type ahead of time and connecting the aircraft to that fuel type, you can have your fuel charges automatically added to reservation invoices.

To set up your Billing to use automatic fuel charges:

  1. Make sure you have set up an Account for categorizing the fuel sales activity in Flight Schedule Pro.

  2. Set up a Product & Service for one or more types of fuel that are used by your aircraft. These products are where you will edit the cost of the fuel type as prices vary.

  3. Set up the Product & Service for your Aircraft Item (Rental). If the item has an Item Type of Service: Aircraft Rental, the Fuel Charges section is available to define the associated Fuel Type. To attach automatic fuel charges to a selected aircraft rental:

    1. Indicate the Fuel Type you created in step 2.

    2. Enter the number of Units this aircraft uses of the selected fuel type per hour. This determines the calculation used to add fuel automatically to invoices.

    3. Under Apply to, indicate which of your rates will have the fuel charges automatically applied.

    4. Select Save.

When you invoice for a reservation that uses the aircraft rental type that you set up, the fuel charge is automatically added to the invoice.

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