Set up MagTek Credit Card Reader / Swiper


This article explains how to install your card reader and configure Flight Schedule Pro so you can collect credit card swipe payments.

NOTE: at this time hardware swipers are only supported with use of ProPay payment processing.

A card swiper can be purchased here: Order a Swiper


Step 1: Verify System Requirements

Please verify your computer meets the following requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 10
Computer: A computer with a USB port available for the card reader
The card reader will need to be plugged into the computer you use to collect payments when using Flight Schedule Pro.  This requires that you have a working internet connection.


Step 2: Download the Software

Click Here to Start the download


Step 3: Install the Software

Once the software is downloaded click the file to start the installation process.

When you click the file you may see the following message:


If you see the above message, click the "More info" link and then the "Run anyway" button:


You will then be asked if you want to allow this app to make changes to your device, click "Yes".

Click "Install":


When the installation is finished, select "Yes, restart the computer now".  Make sure all your work is saved then click the "Finish" button:


Step 4: Turn on the Credit Card Swipe Payment Method

  1. Login to Flight Schedule Pro 
  2. Click the "Settings" link at the top right of the browser
  3. Click the "Billing Hub" tab
  4. Click the "Payment Methods" menu item
  5. Click the checkbox to the right of the "CC (Swipe)" option
  6. The Credit Card Swipe Option is now activated

Step 5: Plug in your Credit Card Reader

Plug your credit card reader into a USB port.

Step 6: Verify the Card Reader is Working

  1.  Login to Flight Schedule Pro if you're not already
  2. Create a new invoice (you will be deleting it so don't worry about which customer you make it under)
  3. Select a customer and add a line item to the invoice
  4. Click the "Pay" button
  5. Click the "CC (Swipe)" button
  6. You should see a green "Swipe card now" message


Click the "Cancel" button and then the "Back to Sale" link, then click the "Discard Sale" link.

Your credit card reader is now installed and working properly.

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