Set up Payment Methods


You have control over which payment methods can be accepted when a sale is made.

To set up payment methods go to Settings > Billing Hub > Payment Methods

Here's a list of payment methods and how they work:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • CC (Key/Stored): Enables the customer card info to be typed on Flight Schedule Pro and saved securely for future use. Requires an integrated ProPay merchant account.
  • CC (Swipe): Enables the customer card info to be swiped at the point of sale. Requires an integrated merchant account.
  • Account: If the customer has permission to "Make purchases on account" they can run up a tab with your business using this payment type. Flight Schedule Pro will keep track of their outstanding balance.
  • CC (NoAuth): If you have a 3rd party credit card terminal, you can use this field to record sales that are authorized outside of Flight Schedule Pro.
  • Wire
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