About Instruction Types


Flight Schedule Pro has built-in Instruction Types for logging Ground Instruction and Flight Instruction time. These are used for categorizing Instruction Types for mismatch checking for training or billing. For reservations with an Instructor we'll show a time field for each active Instruction Type during check in.

To Setup Instruction Types, sign in and go to Settings > Scheduling > Instruction Types

For example, if you only want to see a single time field for "Flight Instruction" during check in:

  1. Set Flight Instruction as Active
  2. Set Ground Instruction as Not Active
  3. Do not add any Custom Types

As another example, if you'd like to have 3 custom fields visible when flights are checked in, you would disable the two built in types and create/activate your own custom types.

It's important to consider how you want Instruction time to be logged for the long-term and set it correctly from the beginning if possible. It's recommended that you don't make changes to Instruction Types often. Keep it simple. Most companies use two or less instruction types.

About Deactivating an Instruction Type
If you deactivate an Instruction Type we don't delete previously logged time, we'll just hide the deactivated type when new flights are logged. We still show previously recorded time for deactivated types when viewing a flight and when flight reports are generated, but only if the deactivated type has time logged for it.

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