Other Scheduling Settings


Set up other Scheduling Options

To review other scheduling options, go to Settings > Scheduling.

Here are a few of the options available to you:

  • Schedule time interval: 30 min, 15 min, 10 min, 5 min
  • Time format: Standard AM/PM or 24 hour clock
  • Default Schedule Layout: Day Horizontal, Day Vertical, etc. If users haven't set up their own default schedule filter, this is the initial layout they'll see when they visit the schedule.
  • Business Hours: Once you set up your Business hours, you can disallow users from scheduling reservations that start or end after business hours using Roles.
  • Schedule Display Hours: This is a display setting only which defines the start and end time of the schedule on the Day Vertical / Horizontal schedule layouts. For example, you may not want to show midnight to 5am on the day views if there's typically no activity during this time.
  • Priority Scheduling Hours: If you define Priority Scheduling Hours, you can restrict scheduling during these times using Roles. For example, you may want to limit how many reservations users can make within these priority hours.

How to Transition from another Scheduler 

It's helpful to define a clear and concise cutover date to Flight Schedule Pro. The strategy outlined below will have your customers and staff using the old scheduler until your cut-over date arrives.

1. Select your cut-over date. This is the first day Flight Schedule Pro will serve as the live schedule. For this example we'll use March 1st.

2. If any reservations exist on the old scheduler on or after March 1st, manually copy them to Flight Schedule Pro. You don't need all users added at this point - you can type the reservation holder's name in the "Display Name" field for the reservation. This won't link the reservation to a specific user, but it will make it clear on the schedule who has the appointment.

If you don't see the "Display Name" field when booking reservations, review your Activity Types to make sure this field is turned on (Settings > Scheduling > Activity Types). It may be useful to create a new Activity Type that's only used for reservations you manually copy over.

3. On the old scheduler for March 1st and after, remove all reservations and fully block all resources.

4. Set the Role Preference for "Allow users to schedule on or after this date" for each role you've given permission to schedule. Roles can be edited by going to Settings > Users > Roles and Permissions. You may also want to show this visually on the schedule by blocking off all resources in Flight Schedule Pro prior to March 1st.

5. On your website, post a link to your special login and/or signup page so users can access Flight Schedule Pro. Your special signup link will take users directly to a registration form. You'll be notified by email when people signup so you can approve or deny their access. Get your special URL by going to "Settings" (top-right) > Company > Login & Signup Pages.

6. Let customers and staff know that Flight Schedule Pro will be live on March 1st and that they'll need to register soon.

Using this method, users can schedule as usual prior to March 1st. When they log in to Flight Schedule Pro they'll be able to schedule on or after March 1st. And, when March 1st arrives you are live on Flight Schedule Pro!

How to let people log in prior to your "go live" date

When transitioning to Flight Schedule Pro it often makes sense to have customers and staff begin registering as soon as possible. After all, it may take some time for all your users to register. You also may want to approve their access well before they're allowed to start scheduling on their own. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this.

Configure your User Roles to restrict activity until you're ready to go live. For example:

  • Restrict certain roles from scheduling prior to a certain date. Do this by setting the Role Preference "Allow users to schedule on or after this date". When you set this date, users will receive an error that says "You're not allowed to schedule until _____." if they try to schedule in advance.
  • Hide the schedule from specific roles until your go live date arrives. For any role you wish to do this, uncheck the box for permission "View the Schedule".
  • Disable specific roles from making reservations at all. Do this by unchecking the box for permissions "Schedule My Own Reservations" and "Schedule Reservations for All Users".

Use Notices and mass email to communicate during the transition period

  • Dashboard Notices are a good way to post information about your transition timeline, and explain to people why they may not be able to perform certain functions right away
  • You can also send emails to certain roles and users to notify them of upcoming dates in your transition timeline.

For more information on Roles, see article "Set up User Roles".  To edit Roles, go to Settings (top-right) > Users > Roles & Permissions


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