Authorization and Acknowledgement



Instructors have implicit permission to authorize flights where they are listed as the instructor,no additional permissions are needed. For other users who may need to authorize flights, their assigned user role will need to be updated. Go to Settings>Users>Roles and Permissions, select a role to edit and click on the Permissions tab:


You will find Authorize All Users Flights in the Dispatching & Flights section.  



Default Authorization and Acknowledgment messages

Default Authorization and Acknowledgement can be set by going to Settings>Dispatch and clicking on Edit either Authorization or Acknowledgment: 


This message will be displayed for each activity type and can be changed for a specific activity type if needed.

Turning on Authorization and Acknowledgement for an activity type. 

Go to: Settings>Scheduling>Activity Types and select one to edit. On the Activity Type's settings page, click on Preflight:


From here you can set whether Authorization is required. 

You can also select Default Authorizing Users. User defined in this field will receive authorization requests when no instructor exists on the reservation. Only users will permission to Authorize All Users Flights will be shown in the list. 


This is also where a custom Authorization message can be set for the specific activity type. 

The Acknowledgment settings that follow below and are similar. 


Note: Customer must be set as required in Show/Hide Course Fields in order for Acknowledgment to be set as required. 

If Authorization or Acknowledgment is set to required reservations will not be able to be checked out until the student and/or instructor or authorizing user have entered their PINs.

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