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About Activity Types

Activity types provide a way for you to:

  • Categorize reservations
  • Track training and/or billing status
  • Identify and correct training and/or billing mismatches
  • Define scheduling and dispatching rules

Prerequisite: If you're planning to enforce documentation during booking or dispatch, make sure you set up User Documents prior to configuring your Activity Types. See article "Set up User Documents"

Before you can start scheduling reservations, you'll need to add and/or edit activity types to use in your reservations. Here are a few example activity types using FAA-USA documentation.

Add an Activity Type 

To add an Activity type:

  1. Go to Settings(at top right).
  2. Select the Scheduling option on the General tab.
  3. Select Activity Types.
  4. Select Add New to create a new activity type. Or select Edit next to the activity type you want to update.
  5. Enter the Activity Name to identify the activity type when making reservations.
  6. Select Active(Yes/No) to make this activity type active (show) or not (hide).
  7. Select the Layout from the drop down list to define the type of information required to set up and use this activity type.
    1. Rental/Instruction: Used for reservations that require an instructor and/or aircraft or simulator.
    2. Maintenance: Used to block the schedule off for maintenance and check out/check in the aircraft for the purpose of recording hobbs and tach time.
    3. Class: Will require a "Meeting Room" to be added and will allow groups of students to be scheduled and can be linked to a Training Course and Lesson for attendance and lesson grading.
    4. Meeting: Will require a "Meeting Room" to be added and will allow people to be scheduled for meetings such as one on one meeting with students or staff meetings.
  8. Select the Roles Allowed from the drop down list to indicate who will be able to schedule this activity type. The settings here will also update the "preferences" of the user role.
  9. Select Save.

Edit an Activity Type

Note that not all of the following types of information are required for all activity types.

To edit an Activity type:


Go to Settings>Scheduling>Activity Types and select the Activity Type you want to change. 

To change the Basic Information, select Edit next to Basic Information, where you can update the following:

  • Activity Name- name that identifies the activity type when making reservations
  • Active- make active to show or inactive to hide
  • Colors - background and font colors for how reservations with this activity type will appear on the schedule
  • Roles Allowed- select the roles who will be able to access this activity type
  • Length- enter the minimum, maximum and default length times in minutes for scheduling this activity type

Show / Hide Fields

To show or hide fields that display when this activity type is being scheduled, select Edit next to Show/Hide.  When you activate some of the fields, additional options are available and you can choose whether the fields are required or optional.

Pre/Post Briefing

Note: Enabling Pre/Post Briefing will allow a reservation to be started without dispatching the aircraft, and will allow the aircraft to be checked in without marking the reservation as Completed. The reservation will be in Briefing Status while the aircraft is not dispatched. This can be useful when stacking aircraft reservations with over lapping instructor reservations. Instructor must be set to "Required to Schedule" in order for the toggle to become active. 

Schedule & Dispatch Requirements

Scheduling & Dispatch requirements can be put in place for Customers and/or Instructors and can be set to require specific documents on their profile, aircraft checkouts, and billing requirements.

To indicate scheduling requirements for this activity type, select Edit next to Scheduling & Dispatch Requirements, where you can determine the documentation or pilot currency requirements that are enforced during scheduling or dispatching for this activity type for the member, the instructor, and/or the scheduling employee. For each tab, select +Add Requirements and check the box(es) for items you want to check when booking or dispatching a reservation. For each item, choose when the information is required from the drop down list.

    • Scheduling Requirement/Dispatch Requirement - requirement will need to be satisfied before being scheduled and therefore before being dispatched
    • Schedule Warning/Dispatch Requirement - will give a warning the requirement is not satisfied during scheduling but will be a requirement before dispatching
    • Dispatch Requirement - will only be a requirement at time of dispatchScreenshot 2023-10-31 at 3.06.53 PM.png


For Preflight Settings, see Authorization and Acknowledgement


To set the billing defaults for this activity type, select Edit next to Billing, where you can update the following:

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 3.29.54 PM.png 

  • Instruction Types- Indicate one or more instruction types that will be available for time entry by instructors when checking in a reservation, these will be what generates as line items for invoicing
  • Track Billing Status- turn on to have Flight Schedule Pro display a billing status of Unbilled, Billed or Paid to reservations with this activity type, which allows for easy identification of reservations with each billing status on the Reservations page  
  • Identify Billing Mismatch- turn on to have Flight Schedule Pro identify whether times billed for a reservation match the flight log for reservations with this activity type 
  • Taxable - Allows you to determine if the activity type is taxable or not. If Taxable is set to "No" any taxes applied to the Aircraft or Instruction line items will be removed when an Invoice is created. 
  • Auto-Fill Total Flight Time- turn on to have Flight Schedule Pro automatically calculate times based on the meter entered at the end of instruction
  • Flight Instruction Type-  Allows you to pre-populate the invoice with a specific instruction type for this activity type  
  • Auto-Fill Pre/Post Time- Automatically adds instructor only time to the invoice
  • Ground Instruction Type- If Auto-Fill Pre/Post Time is active, indicate which instruction type to automatically include in the invoice for instructor only pre and post time


To set information related to training for this activity type, select Edit next to Training, where you can update the following:

  • Track Training Status- turn on to have Flight Schedule Pro display whether a training session has been logged for a reservation with this activity type
  • Identify Training Mismatch- turn on to have Flight Schedule Pro identify whether a logged training session matches the flight log for reservations with this activity type
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