Adding Aircraft, Instructors, and Other Resources


If you're planning to set up multiple Location(s), it's recommended that you do this prior to adding resources. See About Locations.


Add resources that can be scheduled (aircraft, sims, instructors, etc.)

Add Aircraft and Simulators

Aircraft and Simulators are types of resources that can be scheduled on Flight Schedule Pro.

To add an Aircraft, go to Aircraft (left-hand menu) > Add Aircraft

The mandatory fields are highlighted below.

To add a simulator: choose Flight Simulator in the Category field.

Click "Save" to complete.
The new Aircraft is now available for reservation on the Schedule.

Scheduling Groups & Aircraft Order

This is a new, advanced Scheduling Hub feature, please see Scheduling Groups & Aircraft Order

Add Instructors

Instructors are a type of resource that can be scheduled on Flight Schedule Pro. An Instructor on the schedule is typically attached to a user that can log in to the system. Instructors will see their own appointments under My Upcoming Reservations on the home page when they log in. They'll also receive email notifications when appointments are scheduled for them, or if changes are made to their appointments. (These email notifications are sent by default but depend on the company's System Email Settings and the instructor user's Email Notification settings)


About Instructor Availability and Work Schedules:

  • When you add new instructors, they'll show up as unavailable on the schedule until their work schedule is configured. Only administrators and users with permission to "Override Reservation Errors"  can schedule appointments during instructor unavailable times.
  • You can grant Instructors permission to set up their own work schedules, or Instructor Work Schedules can be maintained by any user who has permission to "Edit All Work Schedules". If you want instructors to manage their own availability, they must have permission to "Edit My Own Work Schedule". (See article "Set up User Roles" for more information on setting up roles and permissions)

To add your first Instructor (as a new user):

  1. Go to People (left-hand menu) > Add Person
  2. On the add a person form, set "Instructor" to Yes (see image below)

Make an existing user an instructor (or verify if they're an Instructor or not):

  1. Go to People on the left-hand menu
  2. Select person and click "View"
  3. Go to Account Settings > Online Access
  4. Look for the "Instructor" checkbox (see image below). If you mark the Instructor option as "Yes" and click Save, this user will be made an Instructor in Flight Schedule Pro.

Once you've added your first instructor, you'll see a new "Instructors" tab on the left-hand menu where you can add more instructors and manage instructor setup.


Make sure you turn on the Instructor field for any Activity Types you want people to be able to select an Instructor for. (see "Set up Activity Types" below).


Add Equipment

Equipment is often used to schedule miscellaneous items like headsets, hand-held GPS, iPads, classrooms etc. which can be scheduled alongside other resources on Flight Schedule Pro.

To add Equipment, go to Settings (top-right) > Scheduling > Equipment

Click the "Add" button and fill out the form.

Important: Make sure you turn on the Equipment field for any Activity Types you want people to be able to select Equipment for. (see "Set up Activity Types" below).  


Add Meeting Rooms

Classes and Meetings can be scheduled in Meeting Rooms you add.

To add Meeting Rooms, go to Settings (top-right) > Scheduling > Meeting Rooms

Click the "Add" button and fill out the form. 


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