Working with People Groups


People Groups can be leveraged to manage users by a common "grouping". It is important to note that users can only be associated to 1 group. 


Case Uses for People Groups

  • Managing Cohorts of Users
  • Managing Pricing of Users
  • Billing to a Common User, such as flight training paid for an affiliated partner (VA, Airline, Business)


Functionality of People Groups

  • Enrolling a group of users into a course
  • Billing a group of users to another user
  • Creating Price Groups, for People Groups


How To Create a New People Group:

  1. Select People from the left-hand menu.
  2. Select Create NewNew Group.
  3. On the Create a New Group window, enter the Group Name.
  4. Group Owner: Can be selected to designate a user for billing the selected activity types within the group for the group members. This person will be shown as the default customer when billing any user in this group.
  5. Add Users to the group: Select the users who will be members of the group. You can start typing the person's name and the select the name from the matching entries. You can remove a person by clicking the X next to the name. Select Apply once you have all of the members' names checked. You can also add other members to the group later.
  6. Bill Group Owner by Activity Type: The drop down list allows you to easily bill a group owner instead of an individual person in a group when the reservation includes the selected activity types. Once you have selected the activity types you want to include with group billing, select Apply.
  7. Select Save.
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