Picking Parts


This article will explain all about Picking Parts and how to use them within Inventory Hub.


Inventory Hub allows users to pick parts out of inventory that has been requested by a mechanic. This allows you to select from the various stock records to ensure you are picking the correct part to fulfill the mechanics needs.


Picking Parts

To pick parts on a given Work Item or on a Work Order, simply create 'Pick' button which will launch the 'Pick Parts' screen. From there, you can select from all available stock records to indicate where you are pulling the desired parts. You can further filter the list of stock records if desired. Simply enter the number of parts picked and click 'Done'. You must have the 'Pick Parts' permission to be able to pick parts.


TIP: The total requested and total picked are summed in the upper right corner.



Reset Pick Balances

If the event parts need to be returned to inventory, you can select 'Reset Pick Balances' which will clear all picks and immediately return the parts into inventory in the system. This will tell Flight Schedule Pro to update demand counts and indicate the parts are available, so they should be returned to the correct bins ASAP. You must have the 'Pick Parts' permission to be able to reset pick balances.



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