Save and manage your schedule filters


You can create multiple filter presets to easily switch to different views on your schedule. You can even set one of the saved filters as a default to show it automatically when you open the schedule.

To save a filter:

  1. Select the Filter button or +save filter from the right side of the schedule.
  2. The filter selections you made on the schedule are selected. You can modify your filter selections in one or more of the following:
    • Aircraft/Groups
    • Instructors
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Equipment
    • Activity Types
    • Reservations (All/Standby/My)
  3. Select Yes for Save this filter to save the filter for future use or select No to apply your filter without saving it.
  4. If saving the filter:
    • Enter text to Name this Filter.
    • If you want this filter to show each time you open the Schedule screen, select Yes for Default Filter.
  5. Select Apply.

If you saved your filter, it is shown on the Saved Filters tab.


Select Edit to the right of a filter to reopen the filter options to make changes or rename it.

Select Delete to the right of a filter to remove it.

Select the filter name to close the window and apply the selected filter to the schedule. Select Close to close the window without applying the filter.

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