Dispatch and Record Your Flights

Special permission is required to Check Out / Dispatch reservations. If you don't see the Check Out button on reservations, speak with an admin at the company to make sure you have the proper permissions.


Check Out / Dispatch a Flight:

  1. Select and open your reservation, either from the Dashboard or the Schedule.
  2. Click the "Check Out" button.

Note: Your flight may require Authorization from an Instructor or Staff and/or an Acknowledgment from you.


If all dispatch requirements passed successfully, you will see a green confirmation. If necessary, you can click Un-Check Out cancel the procedure if needed

Use the Preflight button to verify the Hobbs / Tach OUT times prior to the flight (optional):


  • Tap "Correct" if the system OUT time matches the meter time in the aircraft (see below)
  • Tap "Incorrect" if the system OUT time is not correct and enter the actual meter Out time.
  • Click "Save" to save your changes.


Check-In / Record a Flight

  1. Select and open your reservation, either from the Dashboard or the Schedule.
  2. Click "Check-In" while viewing the reservation
  3. Record the IN times for the flight:


Note: If the activity type assigned to this reservation includes Auto-Fill Instruction times, the total flight time and any pre/post instructor time will be automatically calculated from your check in values.

Aircraft Squawks

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 4.48.48 PM.png


Instruction times available for time entry are linked to Instruction Types configured on the Activity Type Setup and to the pricing determined in the Products & Services.


Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 4.48.58 PM.png


Add Oil and Fuel

If desired you can enable the aircraft settings to track oil and/or fuel for the reservation.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 4.49.06 PM.png

Click on Check In at the bottom of the form to complete the check in procedure.
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