Start a New Reservation


There are several ways to start a new reservation.

  1. From the Home tab on the left-hand menu, select New next to My Upcoming Reservations on the Dashboard.
  2. From the Reservations tab on the left-hand menu, select New Reservation.
  3. From the Schedule tab on the left-hand menu, select New Reservation from the Book Now drop down list.
  4. On the Schedule tab, you can also simply click on the block where you want the reservation or click on the heading for the day you want the reservation and select New Reservation from the drop down list.


Make a New Reservation

(To open this video in a new tab on YouTube, click here)


To make a new reservation:

  1. Open the New Reservation screen.
  2. Select the Activity Type from the drop down list. The other reservation fields will depend on the Activity Type settings.
  3. Enter the Start and End date and times for the reservation.
  4. To make the appointment recurring, check the Recurring box and select how often to recur the appointment.
  5. To schedule training with the reservation, select the Member name, select the Course name, and select the Lesson, if applicable. For recurring reservations, you may want to keep the lesson unselected and update each reservation with the appropriate lesson.
  6. Select the Aircraft or scheduling group from the drop down list.
  7. Add CommentsInternal Comments or Notifications, if desired.
  8. Select Continue.

Review the reservation information and select either Book and Notify or Book it.

If you see the error message below, this means one or more of your selections are unavailable during the time frame you selected. 


Click see available slots and we'll show you a few available slots based on your selections. Or, change your selections and click Continue to try again.

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