Google Calendar Sync


Flight Schedule Pro allows you to sync appointments with Google Calendar. Once this feature is turned on, appointments created in Flight Schedule Pro will automatically sync to your Google Calendar. The following events are synced:

  • Future Appointments
  • Edited Appointments
  • Deleted/Cancelled Appointments 
If you make changes to an appointment in Google Calendar, this will NOT update Flight Schedule Pro. 
Changes to appointments MUST be made directly in Flight Schedule Pro.

How to Setup Google Calendar Sync

1. Login to Flight Schedule Pro and click the "My Apps" menu item at the top right of the screen.
2. Click the "Connect" button and follow the instructions to connect your Google Account to Flight Schedule Pro.
3. Select the Google Calendar you want Flight Schedule Pro to sync appointments to.
4. If you already have reservations in Flight Schedule Pro you want to sync, click the "Sync Now" button located to the right of the calendar dropdown. This will sync all future reservations in Flight Schedule Pro to Google Calendar.  
5. Finished! Appointments will now automatically sync to your Google Calendar.
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