No user associated with that email


This error message means that the email address entered is not associated with any username in Flight Schedule Pro, and an invite email needs to be sent.  The two main reasons this will occur is because login credentials have not yet been created or there has been a period of inactivity on this account that exceeded 90 days.


To send an invite email, first, click on the People Tab from any screen in Flight Schedule Pro:



Then, search for the user in the search bar:



Once the name of the user appears under the search bar, click the name and you will be directed to their profile.  On the profile, click on Account Settings>Online Access:



Then select "Send this person an invite":



Once you confirm the email address, click Send:



The recipient will then receive an invitation email in their inbox.  Be sure to use the "Create Account" form in the invitation link, fill out all required fields, and click "Create Account" button at the bottom of the page once completed.

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