How do I update the instructor rates that I charge my students?


This article will address how to add and edit the instructor rates you charge your students.


Navigate to Settings -> Billing Hub -> Instruction Rate Type.  Here you will see both "Built-In Types" and "Custom Types".  Both Ground and Flight Instruction are built-in automatically when you start with FSP.


To add a new Instruction Rate Type, click the "Add Type" button.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 193057.png

You can then Name the instruction type, identify the type of instruction and assign it to an account.  If you want this instruction type to be billable, please check the "Billable" checkbox.  Click "Save".

To edit an instructor's rate, you can navigate to Settings -> Billing Hub -> Product and Service Items.  Select the Instructor you want to edit.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 195139.png

You can then edit the pricing for any of the instruction types for the instructor (or click "Does not apply") and click "Save". 


Note: All rate types must have a price entered, or be marked as does not apply in order to save your changes to the Product & Service Item:




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