What's New with Packages?


This feature is currently being rolled out in phases to existing package customers.

1. Package Balances

Each Package on a user’s account will now have individual balances separate from the account balance. This balance can be positive or negative and will show real time. 

For students that receive outside funding for flight training but also contribute personal funds for overages or additional rentals, the package balance can be used for outside funding and the account balance can be used for personal funding. 


2. Package Payment Type

When paying for an invoice for package line items, ie instruction or aircraft rental, the payment type auto selected will be "package" instead of "account." Package as a payment type is now in reporting with the rest of the payment types. 


3. Packages Can Now Be Paid for with Account Funds

Previously, packages could only be paid for with another payment method as the funds were being added to the account. 


4. New Package Permission

Package balance is also now a separate permission from the account balance, so you have the ability to choose which balances your users see. 

  1. View Own Balance - gives the user the ability to view their account balance (this is an existing permission)

     Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 1.42.34 PM.png
  2. View Package Funds - gives the user the ability to view their package balance and package invoices. This permission is off by default and will need to be enabled for staff and students that need to view the package balances. View package funds is only enabled for admin by default. 

  1. Make Purchases on Account - will no longer be a requirement for packages with the implementation package balances. 

5. Package Taxes

Taxes can now be added in the setup of new or unlocked packages under each instruction type and each aircraft type. The taxes are added to the total package price. 

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 12.22.02 PM.png

If QBO is enabled, you will see one tax option as QBO only supports one tax. If you do not use QuickBooks Online then you will see 2 tax options. 


QBO Note

If utilizing the Quickbooks Online integration, QBO does not have a concept of multiple balances for an individual account. While FSP will have different balances for the account and packages, all of them will be added together for that users balance on the QBO side, as long as the QBO item is left blank on the package setup. 


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