How do I access a training record for an active student?


This article is to help access a training record for an active student.  

Navigate to the Students tab on the left side Navigation menu.  Search for the student you'd like the record for.  Click the arrow on the far right to click into the student's info.  

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.17.19 PM.png


Click the "Actions" drop down menu and Select "View Enrollment".Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 11.22.05 AM.png


Select the "Edit" Button.


Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 11.26.08 AM.png

Change the "Enrollment Status" to Terminated.  (This will allow you to view the Training Record.  Then you will repeat this process to change the enrollment process back to "Enrolled").


Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 11.29.28 AM.png

Then, click the Documents tab to find the Training Record. Refresh your screen if you do not see the Documents tab already. 

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.19.04 PM.png


Click View on the Training Record to open and click "Download" to export the training record.

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.21.01 PM.png


Please remember to navigate back and re-enroll the student by following the same directions above.

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