How do I share a report?


Flight Schedule Pro has the ability to share custom analysis tables, dashboards, and reports. For this article, the term “Report” refers to any of those three items. Please follow the steps outlined to share your reports:


  1. To share your custom report with another member of your organization, navigate to the “Reports” tab. 
  2. At the top under “Saved Items”, navigate to “My Items.” Here you will see a list of your custom, saved reports. 

  1. Click “Options” to the right of the title of the report you are sharing.
  2. Click “Share.”

  1. Type in the name of the person you want to view the report. Click the outline of a person with a green + to share the report.


If the person you want to share the report with isn’t listed when you type in their name, they are missing one of the following reporting permissions (based on the type of report built):

  • View People Reports
  • View Scheduling Reports
  • View Billing Reports
  • View Aircraft Reports
  • View Work Order Reports
  • View Inventory Reports
  • View Curriculum Reports

For instructions on how to update their permissions, please see article Set up User Roles.

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