How to create a Maintenance Reservation from a Work Order


A maintenance reservation activity type is designed to advise other users the aircraft is not available for scheduling due to maintenance and can be used to keep track of starting and ending aircraft times due to Maintenance via check out/check in.


So long as the user role is configured to allow scheduling the activity type, from New Reservation (found on various pages within the platform), dragging and dropping directly on the schedule, or directly from the Work Order.


    • A Maintenance reservation can be created directly under the work order, making it easy and convenient for maintenance personnel to create and manage their maintenance reservations all from one spot, within the work order.


    • Once a work order is opened, click into the work order and it will bring you into the Overview Page.


    • From Overview, scroll down to the section Maintenance Reservation and click Create Reservation. It will then prompt the same options as it would from the schedule: selecting the activity type (maintenance), aircraft tail number, and start and end times.



    • If reservations are within the time frame of the maintenance reservation, it will prompt to:  move the reservation to another aircraft, move the reservation to a standby reservation, or cancel

    • Once the maintenance reservation is created, it will reflect on the schedule and connect the Work Order Status information when hovering over the reservation

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