View and Manage Students in a Training Program


You can view students in a Training Program, make changes, or remove them from the program if needed. 

Step by Step

To view and manage students in a training program, complete these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Students list. A list of students are displayed. If those students have been added to a training program, then the program name is displayed. 
      • Notes:
        • You can filter the list to only show students that have been added to specific programs by selecting those programs in the Program filter.
        • Any courses that are included in the program but that the student is not yet enrolled in are listed with an enrollment status of Future Course.
    2. Click on a program name. The View Program view is displayed, which includes program details for the student.
      • Note: Alternatively, you can access the View Program view by navigating to a student’s Course Overview and clicking View next to the program name in the Entire Program section of the Progress box.
    3. To make changes for a student within the program, click Edit. The Edit Program view is displayed. Make necessary changes, then click Save. Your changes are saved. If the timeline was updated, then that update will affect training progress calculations. See Track Training Progress within a Program for more information about training progress calculations.
    4. To remove the student from the program, click Remove from the Edit Program view. The Remove from Program view is displayed. Click Remove. The student is removed from the program. Training progress calculations and Future Courses are no longer displayed for the student.
      • Note: Removing a student from a program does not affect their affiliation to any courses in which they have been Enrolled, Graduated, Terminated, or Transferred.

Permission Needed

  • The Students list can be viewed only by the following users:
    • Instructors
    • Users with the permission View All Student Enrollments
  • A student’s Course Overview can be viewed only by the following users:
    • The student
    • The student’s instructor(s) for the course
    • Users with the permission View All Student Enrollments
  • You must have the permission Manage All Student Enrollments in order to edit or remove a student from a program. 

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