Review Activity Type Billing Configurations



Activity types provide a way for you to:

  • Categorize reservations
  • Track training and/or billing status
  • Identify and correct training and/or billing mismatches
  • Define scheduling and dispatching rules

To optimize Billing Configuration of Activity Types you'll want to review the Scheduling & Dispatch Requirements and Billing.

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Scheduling & Dispatch Requirements

Scheduling & Dispatch requirements can be put in place for Customers and/or Instructors and can be set to require specific documents on their profile, aircraft checkouts, and billing requirements. Scheduling & Dispatch Requirements can be set to be:

  •  Scheduling Requirement/Dispatch Requirement - requirement will need to be satisfied before being scheduled and therefore before being dispatched
  • Schedule Warning/Dispatch Requirement - will give a warning the requirement is not satisfied during scheduling but will be a requirement before dispatching
  • Dispatch Requirement - will only be a requirement at time of dispatch


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"Customer Balance not below" can be configured to require a person's balance to have a specific amount of funds available before the flight is scheduled and/or dispatched, this can be a positive or negative number to support your company's requirement.


Example Case Uses
  • You require your customers to maintain an account balance of at least $500. Set this to "Customer Balance not below $500"
  • You allow your customer run a negative balance of only 1 activity transaction. Set this to "Customer Balance not below -$1."

"Customer has valid payment method on file" can be enabled when integrated with payment processing to require a person's account to have a valid payment method on file before being scheduled and/or dispatched. Customers can store a credit card on file and/or a bank account for ACH transactions.


Instruction Types have pricing set to them within Products & Services. It is recommend to have the Instruction Types configured to support the billing that would be associated to that activity type. If you have a tiered billing structure, it would be recommended to create multiple activity types with each one configured for the appropriate instruction types, this will reduce the possibility accidentally checking in the wrong instruction types during reservation Check In

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To set the billing defaults for this activity type, select Edit next to Billing, where you can update the following:

        • Instruction Types- Indicate one or more instruction types that will be available for time entry by instructors when checking in a reservation, these will be what generates as line items for invoicing
        • Track Billing Status- Turn on to have Flight Schedule Pro display a billing status of Unbilled, Billed or Paid to reservations with this activity type, which allows for easy identification on the Reservations page for reservations with each billing status 
        • Identify Billing Mismatch- Turn on to have Flight Schedule Pro identify whether times billed for a reservation match the flight log for reservations with this activity type 
        • Taxable - Allows you to determine if the activity type is taxable or not. If Taxable is set to "No" any taxes applied to the Aircraft or Instruction line items will be removed when an Invoice is created. 
        • Auto-Fill Total Flight Time- turn on to have Flight Schedule Pro automatically calculate times based on the meter entered at the end of instruction
        • Flight Instruction Type-  Allows you to pre-populate the invoice with a specific instruction type for this activity type  
        • Auto-Fill Pre/Post Time- Automatically adds instructor only time to the invoice
        • Ground Instruction Type- If Auto-Fill Pre/Post Time is active, indicate which instruction type to automatically include in the invoice for instructor only pre and post time
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