Payment Migration FAQs


Why did Flight Schedule Pro decide to change my payment processor?

  • We have listened to customer feedback over the years requesting additional functionality and better support for our payment processor. Flight Schedule Pro's team is building for the future, today, and this payment migration will accelerate customer growth by opening up new doors of opportunity.

How does this change benefit my flight school? What value am I receiving that I wasn’t receiving before?

  • Starting on the day of migration, you will be able to use e-check as a payment method as well as tokenize bank accounts for future e-check transactions.
  • Tier 1 payment support with Flight Schedule Pro’s support team
  • Coming Soon: Wireless card reader options, now with Apple support

Will there be any changes to how we receive deposits?

  • No, you will continue to receive deposits from ProPay until you have all settled funds. The new provider will have the same funding schedule for the school as the previous provider. Once your school is migrated, and live with the new provider, funds should flow as normal.

How long does the migration take and how will my operation be supported?

  • On your scheduled migration date, your active merchant account will be switched at midnight your time and should only take a few minutes.

Will there be any UI changes in the switch?

  • Yes, but they are very minor. All the same information is still collected for CC (keyed/stored) transactions. You will now have a new payment method option in Settings > Billing Hub > Payment Methods for e-check. This can be enabled or disabled. If enabled, then e-check will show when paying for an invoice and the user will be able to save a bank account as a payment method in addition to a credit card.

Before After PP to Payrix.png

What will happen with the current saved payment methods?

  • ProPay is doing a token transfer to Payrix so currently saved payment methods will still be able to be used after the migration. ProPay previously didn’t validate cards saved on the profile outside of a transaction, which would have allowed a user to misskey their card info or type in a fake card number. Any invalid cards will not be transferred. An alert will be placed on any impacted user’s dashboard that they need to update their payment method on file.

I (customer) used the ProPay portal, is there a new portal for Payrix?

Will there be a gap in my (customer’s) reporting?

  • No, you will still be able to use the analysis grids and merchant transaction report in FSP.

How will a refund work once my (customer’s) processor changes?

  • All refunds are tied to the original transaction in Flight Schedule Pro. If a transaction is processed on ProPay, then it will be refunded through ProPay connected to that original transaction. There will not be anything different to do within FSP, you will be able to refund the transactions as normal and we handle everything behind the scenes.


If any issues arise, our team is standing by to help at

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  • Will there be a fee associated with echecks?

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  • Angela, the fee's associated with e-checks are 1% flat, capped at $100 for transactions above 10K

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  • Hello there, I am not able to log into new payrix back office

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