When should I contact Support vs. my CSM?


Here at Flight Schedule Pro, we are ready and eager to help you succeed. Use this information as a guide for when to lean on your Customer Success Manager and when to contact our Support Team. 

When to contact your CSM 
When to contact Support 
Tips for Submitting Support tickets 

When to contact your CSM

If you don't remember your CSM's contact info, email us at customersuccess@flightschedulepro.com and your CSM will reach out to you.

Strategy and Goal Setting

  • Helping you achieve your goals.

Best Practices and Recommendations 

  • Tailored to your needs, goals, and based on our knowledge and expertise.

Your Contract and Renewal Info

  • Your current subscription term information, and payment terms.

Hub Add-Ons & Professional Services

  • Skyrocket success with an additional Hub or Professional Services package. 

Not sure where to go or what to do?

  • Your CSM is ready to assist and point you in the right direction!


When to contact Support

Email fspsupport@flightschedulepro.com

Product Guidance

  • I'm trying to do something in FSP but couldn't find out how to do it in the Knowledge Base

Login Issues

  • I cannot access my FSP account

Documentation Questions and Requests

  • Is there a Knowledge Base article for this feature? I’d like to learn more about it.

Integration Sync Questions

  • Can you help address this sync issue? 

Product Troubleshooting

  • Why am I getting this error message? 
  • Is FSP down? I didn't see anything on the Status Page.
  • Can you explain this discrepancy? 

Tips for Submitting Support Tickets

Our goal is to provide you with a response and a resolution as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Help us do so by including these aspects in your Support Ticket email:

  • Exact contact or account names (and usernames) that are affected 
  • Screenshots or videos of the feature/situation
  • If a troubleshooting issue, your browser and OS information. 
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