Time Types


This article will explain all about time types and how to use them within Maintenance Hub.

Time types allow you to track time by different categories. They also allow you to define which type of time is billable and should be added to maintenance invoices.

Viewing Time Types

You can view the list of active and inactive Time Types by going to Settings > Maintenance Hub > Time Types.

Adding a Time Type

A default Time Type will be added when Maintenance Hub is first enabled. You can add more by clicking 'Add Type'. Additional fields can be filled out if you mark the type as billable.

If billable, you can learn how to set the prices here under the "billing information" section! 

Edit a Time Type

You can edit any existing Time Type to include updated information.

Setting the Default Time Type

The default Time Type will be used by the system for any new time entries. You can change the default by clicking Edit > Make Default.

Selecting the Time Type

You can select any active Time Type at time entry creation, when starting a timer, or by editing the time entry at any point afterwards. 


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