Transfer Package Balances


You can transfer hours from one hour type to another hour type within the same customer’s package.

Step by Step

To transfer hours in a customer’s package, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the billing packages list by clicking Billing in the sidebar, then clicking the Packages tab. A list of customers who have been added to packages is displayed. 
  2. Click Actions for the customer you want to transfer hours for, then select View Balances. The Package Balance view is displayed.
  3. Click Transfer Hours. The Transfer Hours view is displayed.
  4. Complete the fields as desired, then click Complete Transfer. The remaining quantities for the selected hour types are updated.
    • Notes:
      • Entering an Amount to Send or an Amount to Receive will automatically update the other field based on the calculated rates for the selected To and From hour types.
      • You can only transfer up to the remaining amount from an hour type.
      • You can only transfer from one hour type to another. Transfers are not available for package products and services items.

Permission Needed

  • You must have the permission Access Billing Tab to access the packages list and view package balances.
  • You must have the permission Transfer Package Hours to transfer hours within a customer’s package.
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