Invoicing for Packages


You can invoice against an overall package price or for items included in the package. Invoicing for an overall package price will treat the payment as a credit on the customer's Account Balance. Unless otherwise specified, invoicing for package line items will deduct the cost of the item from the customer's Account Balance.

See Set Up Billing Packages for more information about creating packages.

Step by Step

Invoice Against an Overall Package Price

To charge a student for an overall package, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to a new invoice. Enter a customer name, click Add Items, then click the Packages tab. Search for and select the package you want to sell to the customer. 
    • Notes:
      • Only active packages are available in the search menu. 
      • If the customer has previously been invoiced for a package that has since been inactivated, then that package will also be available in the search menu.
      • You cannot sell the same package to a customer more than once unless all items included in the original package have been fully invoiced and paid for.
  2. Enter a payment amount, then click Save.
    • Notes:
      • Payment amounts must be less than or equal to the remaining balance for the package.
      • If the entered payment amount is less than the overall cost of the package, the customer can be billed for remaining amounts via future invoices.
  3. Click Pay to apply a payment toward the invoice, then complete the payment workflow. Subsequent invoices for the customer will indicate the package that the customer has purchased.
    • Notes:
      • Account is disabled when applying a payment toward an overall package.
      • Payments for an overall package are treated as a credit toward the customer’s Account Balance.

Invoice for Package Line Items

To invoice for items included in a package that has been sold to a customer, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to a new invoice. Click Add Items, then search for and select the item you want to invoice from the package.
    • Notes:
      • The invoice rate is the rate that you defined for the item when creating the package.
      • The rate and discount are not editable for items included in a package. If you applied a discount to an item when creating the package, that discount is included in the rate displayed on the invoice.
      • If an instruction hour is selected, then the instruction hour is treated as either Ground Instruction or Flight Instruction depending on the Training Type as defined in Billing Hub settings. See About Instruction Types for more information about custom instruction types.
      • If an aircraft rental hour is selected, then the rate for the rental hour is the rate you defined for the corresponding aircraft category and class.
      • If the remaining package quantity for the item is 0, then the item is no longer considered part of the package and standard rates will apply.
      • Invoice quantities for an item cannot exceed the remaining package quantity. If the invoice quantity exceeds the remaining package quantity, you will need to add a new invoice item at the standard rate to fully invoice for the item.
      • If a product and service item is included in a package, then it cannot be deleted. However, it can still be inactivated. Inactive product and service items are still available to invoice for, but only if it has been included in a package and a customer has not yet been invoiced for the item.
  2. Optionally, you can edit the quantity of the item for the invoice. To do so, click the edit icon, update the Quantity value, then click Save.
    • Notes:
      • If the entered quantity is less than the allotted quantity for the package, the customer can be billed for remaining quantities via future invoices.
      • You can also apply taxes to the item if desired. However, this tax amount has not been accounted for in the overall package price, therefore the customer’s Account Balance will not reflect the additional cost. If you would like to include taxes as part of the package, it is recommended to add a Taxes item in the Products & Services tab during the package creation. See Set Up Billing Packages for additional details. 
  3. Click Pay to apply a payment toward the invoice, then complete the payment workflow.
    PayforItem.png PaymentComplete.png
    • Notes:
      • Account is selected by default when paying for an item that's included in a package line. However, you may still select another payment method if you wish.
      • If the invoice is successfully paid, then the quantity from the invoice is deducted from the remaining package quantity.

Delete or Refund a Package Invoice

Voiding or refunding an invoice that includes a package or package item is handled in the same method as standard invoices, with the exception of item quantity considerations. You cannot delete or refund an invoice if doing so would cause the balance of an item quantity to become negative.

Permission Needed

  • Standard invoicing permissions apply to package invoices.
  • You must have the permission Edit Item Price & Discount to change payment amounts or quantities for package invoices. 
  • The "Account" payment method must be active for your company in order to sell packages.
  • Customers must have the permission Make Purchases on Account in order to purchase a package.
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