How do I Setup Surcharges?



Surcharges allow operators to pass all or a portion of processing fees along to the user. Surcharges must be setup before they will show on an invoice and will calculate once the payment method is selected and a FSP Merchant Account is required.

Surcharges can only be setup on the following payment methods:

  • CC (keyed/stored)
  • CC (swipe or device)
  • e-Check

Credit Card Surcharges

Note: Before adding a credit card surcharge fee, please consider any and all relevant card brand rules or applicable state and local laws. The following is a list of common but not comprehensive considerations:

  • Surcharge is not permitted in all states. As of January 2023, surcharges cannot be charged in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Oklahoma. 
  • 30 day notice may be required depending on your accepted card brands
  • Debit and prepaid transactions cannot be surcharged
  • The surcharge must not exceed your cost of acceptance
  • Signage compliant with card brands should be deployed where applicable
By configuring surcharge fees, you acknowledge you are compliant with the various requirements. 


How to Setup Surcharges

Prerequisite: have an account that the funds for surcharge should be mapped to. You may already have one you want to use, but if not, a new account should be setup. This is done under Settings - Billing Hub - Accounts. If using QuickBooks Online, you will also need a QBO account setup as needed.

  1. Navigate to Payment Methods (Settings - Billing Hub - Payment Methods).Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 4.11.32 PM.png
  2. Select "Edit" on the desired payment method.
  3. Setup any combination of percentage and flat fee desired. Both the percentage and flat fee fields work as "and" functionality. One or both can be setup, based on business need.  
    1. example: if you setup percentage = 3% and flat fee = $.30 then the invoice subtotal would have 3% added plus $.30 in addition. If the invoice was for $100 then the surcharge added would be $3.30. Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 1.55.08 PM.png
  4. Tax: if surcharges are taxable in your state, then a tax can be added on to the surcharge. 
  5. Repeat for any additional payment types as needed. The surcharge amount setup for CC (swipe or device) can be different than the surcharge setup for CC (keyed/stored) and e-check.


Permission Needed

"Manage Company Settings" is required to be able to setup surcharges.

"Refund Surcharges" is needed any non-administrator roles that should have the ability to refund surcharges if "Surcharges are refundable" is set to yes.


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