Add flight details to a LogTen electronic logbook


Pilots can easily add flight details and hours to their electronic logbook by clicking the Add to LogTen button within a reservation.

Step by Step

  1. Open a reservation on which you are listed as the Instructor or Member / Customer.
  2. Check the flight in.
  3. Log the training session, if applicable.
  4. Click the Add to LogTen button.mceclip0.png
  5. If a training or meter mismatch is found for the reservation, then a mismatch view is displayed (otherwise skip to Step 6). To proceed, you can either:
    1. Update the reservation or session to fix the mismatch, then navigate back to click Add to LogTen.
    2. Click Continue to send the current flight details to your logbook.
  6. A confirmation view is displayed to ensure you want to add flight details to the logbook that’s stored on your device. You can choose to dismiss this message going forward by checking the Don’t ask me again box. 
    • Note: If you do not already have LogTen downloaded on your device, you can click the Download button to access the app in the App Store.
  7. Click Add to LogTen. The LogTen logbook on your device is opened and flight details are added according to the following conditions:

    • If the flight has not yet been added to the logbook, then a new flight is created.

    • If the flight has already been added from Flight Schedule Pro, then those flight details are updated.

    • If a training session is included in the flight, then training times are added to the reservation.

    • If no training session is included in the flight, then Check In times are added to the reservation.


Permission Needed

The Add to LogTen button is available for a reservation if:

    • You are using a Mac or iOS device
    • The flight has been checked in
    • You are listed as either the Instructor or Member 1 / Customer 1 on the reservation
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