Flight Operations Dashboard and Widget


Brief Explanation of the Key Performance Indicators displayed on the Flight Operations Dashboard and Widget.

Home Tab Widget


The Home table widget displays three main metrics and one forecast:

  • Reserved Hours - This is the total number of aircraft hours booked for the time period selected. Maintenance hours are not included in this total. 
  • Estimated Flight Time -This metric is based on the average efficiency for flights in the same quarter, prior year. The calculation is Reserved Hours multiplied by average efficiency.
Est Flight Time Example: 

If in Q4 of last year, 1000 aircraft hours were booked and 687 hours were logged, that gives us 687/1000 or 68.7%

If we are looking at a date range in Q4 of this year, and there are 250 aircraft hours booked the estimated total flight time would be 250*0.687 or 171.75 hours.

  • Flight Hours Logged -This is the total number for flight hours recorded for the time period selected. Flight hours logged as part of a maintenance reservation are not included in this total. 
  • Flight Hours Billed -This is the total quantity of hours billed where the line item type is "Service - Aircraft Rental" from invoices dated in the selected time period

In order to view the widget, a user will need to have at least "View Scheduling Reports" and "View Aircraft Reports" permissions. This will display Reserved Hours, Estimated Flight Time, and Flight Hours Logged. 

The Flight Hours Billed metric is displayed if the user has the permissions mentioned above and "View Billing Reports" 



The flight operations dashboard offers a more in depth look at the key metrics that drive a flight school: 

  • Aircraft Hours Booked - includes Maintenance and non-maintenance hours 
  • Total hours logged -split between flight and instruction  
  • Total Hours billed -split between flight and instruction
  • Total Revenue - generated by aircraft and instruction 
  • Efficiency - Flight hours logged/Flight Hours booked 

The report allows you to compare periods, both "this month to last month" or "this month to the same month in the prior year". Choosing your date range and comparison sets the base line view but clicking the right or left arrows will let you compare any period to any other period of the same length. The report also has several charts to visualize the data over time. The visuals will use the selected date range to display data with more or less granularity. The visuals include 

  • Flight Hours booked
  • Total Hours Billed vs Total Hours Logged - toggleable between flight and instruction 
  • Total Flight and Instruction revenue

The Flight Operations Dashboard spans multiple reporting permission, in order to see the full report a user must have: "View Scheduling Reports", "View Aircraft Reports", and "View Billing Reports. Each section and visual is permissioned separately, so for instance if a user had Scheduling and Aircraft Report permissions but not "view billing reports" that user would see everything accept for "Total Hours Billed" and Flight & Instruction Revenue, and the corresponding visuals.    

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